A companion to Chinese archaeology

A companion to Chinese archaeology [electronic resource] / edited by Anne P. Underhill. - Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013. - 1 online resource. - Blackwell companions to anthropology ; 24 .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

pt. I. Current issues in Chinese archaeology: 1. Introduction : Investigating the development and nature of complex societies in ancient China / Anne P. Underhill. "Despoiled of the Garments of her civilization" : problems and progress in archaeological heritage management in China / Robert E. Murowchick -- pt. II. The northeast: Earlier Neolithic economic and social systems of the Liao River region, northeast China / Teng Mingyu. Understanding Hongshan period social dynamics / Lu Xueming. The lower Xiajiadian culture of the western Liao River drainage system / Wang Lixin -- pt. III. The Upper Yellow River and Upper Yangzi River regions: The Qijia culture of the Upper Yellow River Valley / Chen Honghai. The Sichuan Basin Neolithic / Rowan Flad. The Sanxingdui culture of the Sichuan Basin / Sun Hua -- pt. IV. The western central plain region and environs: The early Neolithic in the Central Yellow River Valley, c.7000-4000 BC / Zhu Yanping. The Jiahu Site in the Huai River area / Cui Qilong. The later Neolithic period in the Central Yellow River Valley area, c.4000-3000 BC / Li Xinwei. The Longshan culture in Central Henan Province, c.2600-1900 BC / Zhao Chunqing. The Longshan Period Site of Taosi in Southern Shanxi Province / He Nu. Production of ground stone tools at Taosi and Huizui : a comparison / Chen Xingcan. The Erlitou Culture / Xu Hong. The discovery and study of the Early Shang Culture / Yuan Guangkuo. Recent discoveries and some thoughts on early urbanization at Anyang / James Stoltman. Archaeology of Shanxi during the Yinxu Period / Hwang Ming-chorng -- pt. V. The eastern central plain region and environs: The Houli and Beixin cultures / Wang Fen. The Dawenkou Culture in the Lower Yellow River and Huai River Basin areas / Luan Fengshi. The Longshan Culture of Shandong / Sun Bo. A study of Lian Sickles and Dao Knives from the Longshan Culture Site of Liangchengzhen in Southeastern Shandong / Geoffrey Cunnar. The eastern territories of the Shang and Western Zhou : military expansion and cultural assimilation / Fang Hui -- pt. VI. The Middle Yangzi River region: The Pengtoushan Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley / Pei Anping. The Qujialing-Shijiahe Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley / Zhang Chi -- pt. VII. The Lower Yangzi River region: The Kuahuqiao Site and culture / Jiang Leping. Recent research on the Hemudu Culture and the Tianluoshan Site / Sun Guoping. The Liangzhu Culture / Qin Ling -- pt. VIII. The southeast: The Neolithic archaeology of Southeast China / Tianlong Jiao. First farmers and their coastal adaptation in prehistoric Taiwan / Li Kuang-ti.

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