Advances in acoustic microscopy and high resolution imaging : from principles to applications / edited by Roman Gr. Maev. - 1 online resource (428 pages) : illustrations

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Fundamentals. From multiwave imaging to elasticity imaging / Mathias Fink, Mickael Tanter -- Imaging via speckle interferometry and nonlinear methods / Jeffrey Sadler, Roman Gr Maev -- Novel developments in advanced imaging techniques and methods. Fundamentals and applications of a quantitative ultrasonic microscope for soft biological tissues / Kazuto Kobayashi, Naohiro Hozumi -- Portable ultrasonic imaging devices / Sergey A Titov, Roman Gr Maev, Fedar M Severin -- High-frequency ultrasonic systems for high-resolution ranging and imaging / Michael Vogt, Helmut Ermert -- Quantitative acoustic microscopy based on the array approach / Sergey Titov, Roman Gr Maev -- Advanced biomedical applications. Study of the contrast mechanism in an acoustic image for thickly sectioned melanoma skin tissues with acoustic microscopy / Bernhard R Tittmann, Chiaki Miyasaka, Elena Maeva, David Shum -- New concept of pathology : mechanical properties provided by acoustic microscopy / Yoshifumi Saijo -- Quantitative scanning acoustic microscopy of bone / Pascal Laugier, Amena Saied, Mathilde Granke, Kay Raum -- Advanced materials applications. Array imaging and defect characterization using post-processing approaches / Alexander Velichko, Paul D Wilcox, Bruce W Drinkwater -- Ultrasonic force and related microscopies / Andrew Briggs, Oleg V Kolosov -- Ultrasonic atomic force microscopy / Kazushi Yamanaka, Toshihiro Tsuji -- Acoustical near-field imaging / Walter Arnold.

Novel physical solutions, including new results in the field of adaptive methods and inventive approaches to inverse problems, original concepts based on high harmonic imaging algorithms, intriguing vibro-acoustic imaging and vibro-modulation technique, etc. were successfully introduced and verified in numerous studies of industrial materials and biomaterials in the last few years. Together with the above mentioned traditional academic and practical avenues in ultrasonic imaging research, intriguing scientific discussions have recently surfaced and will hopefully continue to bear fruits in the future. The goal of this book is to provide an overview of the recent advances in high-resolution ultrasonic imaging techniques and their applications to biomaterials evaluation and industrial materials. The result is a unique collection of papers presenting novel results and techniques that were developed by leading research groups worldwide. This book offers a number of new results from well-known authors who are engaged in aspects of the development of novel physical principles, new methods, or implementation of modern technological solutions into current imaging devices and new applications of high-resolution imaging systems. The ultimate purpose of this book is to encourage more research and development in the field to realize the great potential of high resolution acoustic imaging and its various industrial and biomedical applications.

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Acoustic microscopy.
High resolution imaging.
Microscopy, Acoustic--methods.
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Acoustic microscopy.
High resolution imaging.

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