A Companion to W.V.O. Quine / edited by Gilbert Harman, Ernie Lepore. - 1 online resource (xiii, 581 pages). - Blackwell Companions to Philosophy ; 55 . - Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 55. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Method. Quine and Epistemology / Thomas Kelly -- Quine and the A Priori / Lars Bergstrom -- Quine and Pragmatism / Peter Godfrey-Smith -- Quine's Relationship with Analytic Philosophy / Gary Kemp -- Quine on Paraphrase and Regimentation / Adam Sennet, Tyrus Fisher -- Quine's Naturalism / Alan Weir -- Quine's Naturalism Revisited / Peter Hylton -- Language. Inscrutability Scrutinized / Alex Orenstein -- Quine on the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction / Gillian Russell -- Quine, Analyticity, and Transcendence / Ernie Lepore -- Indeterminacy, Relativity, and Behaviorism / Gilbert Harman -- Indeterminacy of Translation / Peter Pagin -- Language. Developments in Quine's Behaviorism / Dagfinn Follesdal -- Logic, Mathematics, Science. Quine's Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics / John P Burgess -- Bolzano, Quine, and Logical Truth / Sandra Lapointe -- Quine on Observationality / Olav Gjelsvik -- Observation / Bredo C Johnsen -- Quine on Evidence / Robert Sinclair -- Quine on Reference and Quantification / Michael Glanzberg -- Relation to Other Philosophers. Quine and Russell / Gary Ostertag -- The Place of Quine in Analytic Philosophy / Scott Soames -- Quine's Naturalistic Explication of Carnap's Logic of Science / Gary Ebbs -- Quine and Chomsky on the Ins and Outs of Language / Barry C Smith -- Quine's Conception of Explication: and Why It Isn't Carnap's / Martin Gustafsson -- The Relation between Quine and Davidson / Hans-Johann Glock -- Quine and the Revival of Metaphysics / Gideon Rosen.

This Companion brings together a team of leading figures in contemporary philosophy to provide an in-depth exposition and analysis of Quine's extensive influence across philosophy's many subfields, highlighting the breadth of his work, and revealing his continued significance today. Provides an in-depth account and analysis of W.V.O. Quine's contribution to American Philosophy, and his position as one of the late twentieth-century's most influential analytic philosophersBrings together newly-commissioned essays by leading figures within contemporary philosophyCo.

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Quine, W. V.
Quine, W. V.


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